Educational Enrichment

Moodle is an open platform where we plan to offer educational enrichment opportunities in the near future.

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Course Testing

Currently, we have an active Canvas LMS with a “mostly complete” social work test course.  Feel free to request to join the course and complete any or all of the modules.  It’s 100% free!

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Padlet is a collaboration tool that is brand new to us.  We haven’t done much with it yet, but plan to use it for a great deal of future collaboration.  Check it out!

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What We Do


Basically, I’m just a guy with a couple of websites who loves education and technology, which is sometimes not a very good mix as it gets me into all kinds of trouble.  Right now this “business” is nothing more than sharing the knowledge, education, and experience that I have been blessed with. As of right now we don’t have anything for sell and don’t want any of your money!


Next Steps…

Cruise around the website and email any suggestions, ideas, questions, or requests.  We’d love to hear from you1

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